"Open mouth, limited tongue."

"I respect you, I admire you, I adore you but most of all, Sonny, I love you."
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Confirmed. Now I’m distracted!

Confirmed. Now I’m distracted!

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle of goo.

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle of goo.


New Days of Our Lives Guy Wilson press photos.

For Daytime Royalty members, you can see more newly released press photos for the other cast members here!

All photos by: Chris Haston/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.

Three new press photos of Guy Wilson. Photos taken by Chris Haston/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc. Click photos to enlarge. [source]

oh ok i’ll be over here sobbing

You know what I’m most excited about? How Guy plays out an extremely pissed off Will! I want an explosion. He plays quiet, reserved anger impeccably so yeah…I’m stoked!


DR - Week of May 5th Spoilers
  • Sonny takes startling measures to protect those he loves from the extremely evil Nick
  • Will is stunned when he finds out what Sonny is hiding

He’s gonna rip Gabitch’s head off first (hallelujah!) because Melanie is his friend and the whore had her kidnapped over Chad.

But then he’s gonna be mad at Sonny for keeping something like this from him—even after the baby drama—and I don’t like a sad OTP.

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❝Playing Will Horton on Days means so much to me. I believe entertainment is one of the places where new frontiers are being conquered. So to be a part of that and to have an opportunity to be as young as I am and play a character that is a beacon of hope for some people — I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m so thankful to have an opportunity to add another voice to a cause that I care about on a personal level.❞
(—— Guy Wilson on playing a gay character and being an outspoken LGBT ally [source] (via theguywilson))