"You're my anchor."

"I respect you, I admire you, I adore you but most of all, Sonny, I love you."
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Guy Wilson Interview | AfterBuzz TV’s Spotlight On

If you don’t like him now then I suggest you stop trying because this whole interview is him being who he is. It’s him. This is how he is everyday. Humble and so grateful to be where he is and respectful of his fellow actors. He’s devoted to this role. And on top of it all he’s gorgeous soooo…. if you don’t accept him now then there’s no hope for you. This interview should have put the nail in the coffin.

[HQ] Guy Wilson attends the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

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"You almost cost me my daughter and that is unacceptable"

This is proof that Will is now a man, a strong man. 

What he did today was not easy. He was upset but he did it anyways.

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I’ve seen a few people saying that they don’t like George’s tattoo and it’s making me laugh because I’m pretty sure if he cared about your opinion on it he would have asked you

Can Josh just…..not?

Husbands are annoyed.

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